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My Story

As a young girl, I have always felt the pain of others and wanted to help.  I have always attracted individuals who wanted to talk no matter where I was, be it a supermarket, gym, party, sports, or professional outing. Over time I began to see that I was not only good at listening and giving suggestions when asked, but I enjoyed helping people through tough times. It didn't matter where I was, there was always someone who wanted to spill their heart out to me and I truly appreciate the opportunity to help someone find their sense of self.
God has always been a focal part of my gift and He always allowed me to see into people’s spirits even as a young girl. I could see individuals falling apart while they had what everyone else felt was everything. I felt their spirits and sometimes God would tell me to speak with them but on most occasions, they would locate me and tell me things that they would question the purpose of them telling me their problems.

I began to look at the mental health piece as well in 2010 due to many of the conversations I had with individuals, I realized that women were not only dealing with spiritual warfare but, also mental warfare and I wanted to tap into those places as well because even though God is our provider, He still gives us tools on earth that can help us a well. I decided to return to school for Mental Health Counseling and fell in love with the way the brain imports and exports information and when there are malfunctions in the brain it leads to trauma internally and externally. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctorate in Health Science with a certification in Child and Adolescent Trauma and I am on track to graduate in 2023.

I began counseling families and individuals in 2013 and found that even those who didn't go to church or understand scripture wanted to believe in something eternal. I have never branded myself as a spiritual counselor however, God continued to place individuals who wanted a spiritual counselor, and in 2019 Let's Talk About It Counseling Services, LLC was created. God has directed the right people to me and I continue to be ready to serve them. I know God continues to bless me with the spiritual knowledge and guidance as well as the formal education to guide and help my clients to create a new version of themselves that is not only acceptable to themselves but a life that is acceptable to God.

About a year ago, I embarked on a transformative journey with Tasha as my therapist. It's astounding to reflect on the leaps I've made since then, both personally and in my relationships. Under Tasha's compassionate guidance, I navigated my way out of a toxic relationship. This was a monumental step, but it was just the beginning. Tasha equipped me with the tools to set healthy boundaries and articulate my needs effectively. Gone are the days of expecting others to read my mind - now, I communicate with clarity and confidence. This newfound skill has brought a profound change in my relationships with everyone around me. Be it with my parents, friends, family, or the most critical relationship - the one with myself - I see a positive transformation. I'm now in a place where I'm genuinely happy with my life and proud of who I am. What sets Tasha apart is her extraordinary ability to listen and truly understand. She doesn't just hear your problems; she empathizes, often drawing on her own life experiences. This approach doesn't just make you feel heard - it helps you view your challenges from a healthier perspective. It's no exaggeration to say that I wouldn't be leading the life I am today without Tasha's help. Her impact on my journey has been immeasurable, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


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