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Tasha Rose



My name is Tasha Rose and I am the owner and CEO of Let’s Talk About It Counseling Services. I provide transformative counseling to women 30 plus. I specialize in healing the whole person using scripture, prayer, and humor infused with clinical techniques; causing you to have an out-of-body experience and a positive outlook on self and life.

Let’s be transparent, real, brave, face our fears. Let’s break down and release the shame, guilt, and unforgiveness worn as a badge of honor. Working with me you will feel affirmed, assured, unchained, safe, and inspired to change with love and forgiveness.

My ideal client is someone who wants to be closer with God and or has a spiritual background who is willing to learn about God and His will for their lives. I also want my client to be able to take accountability for their actions and complete assignments that are given to enhance their toolbox for the future.

I call it the “Unconscious Healing” experience

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