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Individual Counseling

Each session will be structured around your needs and goals, through psychoeducation, humor and life experiences.  My unique approach is designed to minimize the taboo of therapy and to help the individual feel comfortable.

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Group Sessions (Women Only)

At our program, we understand that forgiveness can be a difficult concept to grasp and even harder to put into practice. That's why we have designed a unique program specifically for women who are seeking to deepen their faith and find healing through forgiveness.

We believe that forgiveness is not just about letting go of past hurts, but it is also about reclaiming your power and finding inner peace. Our program will provide you with practical tools and resources to help you navigate the process of forgiveness and experience true transformation.


Group Topics includes:
Anger, Trauma, and Fostering a Healthy Prayer Life

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Conferences & Educational Trainings

I offer professional development/training and conferences. 

Training will focus: ​

  • Professionalism while battling depression 

  • Boundary setting as a professional 

  • How to use your spiritual influence in a professional setting

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding depression in the workplace

Educational Settings (Only)

How to identify students experiencing complex trauma


This service is recommended for professional women in any environment. 


Pricing starts at $250.00

Speaking Engagements


Speaking engagements are crucial when you are trying to motivate and encourage. I am passionate about motivating and leading individuals toward their goals and next steps to healthy living.





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Women in business


Bookings may be done in 30 minutes or 60 minutes segments.

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